Comprehensive Blogging Guide for Newbies

Are you looking forward to start blogging and want to know about it?

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Today I am sharing an extensive yet detailed guide on Blogging which would ultimately clears your all doubts and confusions related to blogging.

Since you all must be aware with the fact that blogging has became a brand now. And everybody out there is looking to explore more about it. Therefore we have started this blog in order to help such newbies who are looking forward to start their blogging journey.

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In this comprehensive guide I have tried to cover all the minor and starting point of blogging which would clear the basic ideas of newbies from the core.

So head to it;

Newbies Guide to Blogging

So here I start my guide of blogging and try to cover all the initial points one by one!

What is Blogging?

This is the first question which strikes the mind of a newbie. So let me address it first;

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Blogging refers to maintaining some sort of information, particularly related to any topic, on your blog or webpages. You might have seen different content based web pages sharing information related to that broad or narrow category. The most common blogs which are available out there are; Health, Technology, Android, iPhone, Blogging, etc.

The person who maintains a blog and perform the blogging is termed as blogger.

Blogging Platforms

Bloggers post their gathered information or data using a particular blogging platforms. Blogging platforms includes both paid and free services. I have listed all the famous blogging platforms below;

  • WordPress – Recommended for Professional Bloggers
  • Bloggers – Recommended for Newbies
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • LiveJournal

Free v/s Paid Platforms

Since I have already mentioned above that our list of top blogging platforms include both free and paid platforms. So it is better for us to differential between the free and paid platforms.

Blogging, newbies, seo, how to blog

I am going to talk about the two recommended platforms which are WordPress and Blogger.


WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms out there and most of the professional blogs are hosted on WordPress. If you are blogger with budget of starter hosting and a domain name and want to start a serious blog then WordPress is for you.

Though you can start a free blog on WordPress using their default newbies free hosting and a free domain name with their brand’s name extension i.e;

But, most of the bloggers are not happy with the results of free WordPress blogs. So if you want to get utmost results from your blog then you need to purchase a hosting and domain name for your blog.


Blogger is another popular blogging platform out there. It is very much popular among newbies and starters as it is free to join and enjoy the privelage of blogging.

Its free service is not that bad and does not put hurdles in the success of your blog as far ranking it is concerned. However, to give a unique identity to your blog, you will be required to purchase a domain name for your blog and hosting will be free with no limits, but you will be required to follow the terms and conditions of Blogger in order to keep your blog live for long.

Concluding this section, if you are professional or medium pace bloggers who want to do serious blogging and want to take it as business then opt WordPress or otherwise go for Blogger.

Basic Requirements to Start a Blog

So here I am listing all the basic requirements to start a blog. So here you go;

  • Domain Name: It is a unique identity to your blog which is something like this:
  • Hosting: If you are opting WordPress then you will require to purchase a hosting plan in order to start a professional blog as free hosting of WordPress won’t work.
  • A Good Design
  • Engaging Content

Blogging for Money and Personal Blogs

This is another most important section of blogging that blogging either for money or Personal blogs.

Blogging for money refers to the business which is created with sole intention of making money out of your blog. Blogging which are created to make money are termed as blogging for money. The most common method of making money with blogs are using Advertisements and Paid Contents or Promotions content on blogs. The professional blogs are required to be engaging, according to the Google’s policy, non-deceptive, quality and unique. There are much strict rules for blogs which are created to generate profits.

Personal Blogs are those blogs which blogger create for his personal use or for specific group of people. Its sole intention is to store some information or share information with small group of people. Those blogs are not meant to be publicized or to make money from.

How to Monetize a Blog?

If you have started a blog to make money from then you need to monetize it with various methods. I have shared some of the top methods of monetizing your blog and making decent money after getting good traffic on your blog;

Here is the list;

Blogging, newbies, seo, how to blog

  • Google Adsense – by placing ads on your blog!
  • – By placing ads
  • Affiliate marketing – By creating blog posts or placing banners
  • Paid Reviews and Posts

These are the top ways to make from your blog which are mentioned above.

Driving Traffic to your Blog

This is one of the difficult task in the blogging and which is broad topic to discuss as well. However, this is a basic guide so I am listing all the possible ways and will be discussing them on BloggingFriend in coming days.

Blogging, newbies, seo, how to blog

Search Engine Optimization: Optimizing your blogs for search engines to rank them and driving organic traffic

Social Media – Sharing your content social media sites to drive traffic

Paid Advertisement of Blogs: Advertising your blogs on different ad networks to drive traffic.


So this was our comprehensive guide on blogging for newbies. I am sure you guys have found it helpful and all the newbies must have get served with it.

If you have still any ambiguity related to this newbies’ guide then we always welcome your queries. Don’t hesitate to share your queries in comment box. I shall address them in shortest possible time.

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